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What Clients Say

“My entire life, I’ve been told that the journey into motherhood is unlike any other. It is supposed to be a magical time, a wonderful time and a joyous time. The journey is all of these things and more; what we are not told is how taxing, difficult and emotional this journey is. From the moment you find out you’re pregnant it is one amazing moment after another. However once you begin to think about actually delivering a child, sometimes things become a bit less magical and a bit more scary. I knew from the beginning that having a doula would be the best way for me to feel calm and supported in a way that no one else could provide. Rebecca could be that neutral, calm, knowledgeable person to help guide me and my husband through this journey. From the time we met until recently at our final post partum visit, she has made sure I feel comfortable. She has shared knowledge about anything and everything we have asked, even if it meant she had to do a little extra digging. She was available for every phone call, appointment and the “big moment”, which is when I needed her the most. My husband and I are so very grateful she was there to be part of the birth of our first child- a beautiful baby girl! Rebecca went above and beyond during her time with us, and I can’t say enough amazing things about her work. She has fulfilled a role in my life that no one else could, and I feel so blessed she was here with us. She helped bring some of that magic back, and helped squelch some of our fears by empowering us with knowledge and most importantly- confidence!"  
Emily W., Glens Falls, NY

"Rebecca was so intuitive and calming in my postpartum care. She helped with daily chores, baby care, playing with my toddler, making sure I was taking care of myself and providing access to information. She was loving with my kids and a reassuring presence for me. She was very easy to communicate with and flexible with scheduling. I highly recommend her!" 

Becky G., Saratoga Springs, NY


"I met Rebecca after having my first baby.  I didn't know any other parents in the Saratoga area, and my first meeting at the Northshire bookstore, organized by Rebecca, was an immediate source of warmth, support, and knowledge.  Rebecca communicated with us weekly, offering a forum for us new moms to engage.  I've realized how important it is be part of a community for the health and growth of your new baby and yourself, and I recommend Rebecca's services without reservation." 

Sarah C., Saratoga Springs, NY


"Rebecca's presence during the birth of my daughter was a true blessing. She is a natural doula and is gifted with a calm presence and positive outlook that would help any family feel supported. My husband and I were both so glad to have had her there during the birth. She made herself constantly available to offer physical comfort and emotional support. I recommend Rebecca to anyone wanting to create a supportive and caring birth environment." 

Katy V., Clifton Park, NY

“Rebecca was my doula for my first baby and she was wonderful! Her personality is very warm and welcoming. Her prenatal visits were extremely helpful and informative. She gave me a ton of helpful resources to prepare me for the delivery and motherhood. My favorite thing about my experience with Rebecca was that while I was in labor, she knew exactly the right balance of how much to help me but still let my husband maintain his role as my primary support. She gave great suggestions for different positions to labor in. During labor, she was an emotional encouragement and respected all my wishes instead of trying to push for something else. It was a great help to have an extra set of hands bc I had back labor and she was doing hip compressions while I leaned on my husband. Another HUGE thing was that she would totally take over as my support sometimes so that my husband could nap bc I labored for over 24 hours. I would definitely recommend her to anyone, even if you aren't sure if you need the extra support or not. Trust me, it is worth it and you will love her!” 
Meghan A., Menands, NY 

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